Motorsport Dyno Development and Testing

Based on a robust engine and electronics understanding we can carry out dyno development and test powertrains for all Motorsport applications. We offer a flexible service around our unique dyno cell located in Silverstone to support and assist the calibration and testing of race cars. We can also support customers at the track to translate data into competitive advantage.

Road Vehicle Development

We assist directly road and race vehicle manufacturers with their development programs such as the Hennessey (Venom) and Noble (M600). We also have front line OEM experience working with JLR, Subaru and Caterham. We can facilitate design, validation, calibration and testing of powertrains for all projects.
Road Vehicle Development.

Historic Racing

We have a huge passion and great respect for Historic race cars. We aim to keep Historic cars racing to celebrate Motorsport heritage. To do so we adapt classic vehicles to the current racing requirements. For example specialise in retro engineering of electronic systems using modern technology.

Race Engineering Support

We currently support race teams off and on the track as a key co-ordinator between components suppliers and racing customers. We cover all aspects of engine and drivetrain development from Powertain validation and integration to track support and data analysis. We have the ability and experience to deliver winning results.

EV Powertrain Expertise

We own a unique edge over the competition with the access to complete Electric Powertrains and KERS. We have the ability to source the best Motorsport Battery packs, controllers and motors on the market. We can offer a complete and integrated solution bespoke to each application.

Engine, Chassis & Gearbox Control

We supply, install and carry out development on a wide range of ECU/Control Units/Data loggers according to customer and project requirements. We are able to work with systems from different suppliers including: Motec, Pectel, Life Racing . We can also offer data analysis and translate it to customers.

Dynapack Dyno European distribution

We are appointed directly by Dynapack to distribute Dynapack Dynamometer Sytems across Europe and the Middle East. The Dynapack dyno with their unique modular, flexible and compact design deliver a precise, repeatable measurement of vehicle outputs. With their low noise level, they offer a controlled safe environment to test cars.

Carless Hiperflo Racing Fuels distributor

Haltermann Carless Limited have years of experience both in manufacturing and supplying premuim racing fuels for motorsports, Hiperflo, all over the world. We can deliver a wide range of fuel solutions from high-end racing, rally, drag racing to vintage racing.


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